June 18, 2013

Ian Freemann visit the Derby Cordoba loft

On Sunday we got a visit from Ian and Dolly Freeman from Australia, they wanted to see there birds and the loft.
He was fascinated from the view of the loft and what kind of condition the pigeons have.
Just an half day he was here, but in that half day, we showed him the loft, his pigeons and also spoken a lot about pigeon things.
After all that we even had a bit time to take a small lunch on a typical Spanish tapas bar.
Ian Freeman is very sympathetic pigeon fancier.

He will next year also participate again in our derby.
If you visit us on the final, he will be also there, if you want to meet him.

Here some photos:

Ian Freeman, Rafael Ruz und Robert Fuhr
Ian Freeman, Rafael Ruz and Robert Fuhr

Rafael Ruz, Jose Ruz, Ian Freeman
A beautiful picture, here you see passion

Rafael Ruz, Jose Ruz, Ian Freeman
Rafael Ruz, Jose Ruz and Ian Freeman

Dolly and Ian Freeman

Ian Freeman, Robert Fuhr and Rafael Ruz

A video will be publish soon in the next days=)

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