July 11, 2013

1. Trainingflight 3 km with some small technic issues

The first Training flight with 3 km was very good for the pigeons, unfortunately the technology has failed.

That with the live stream did not work out as we had planned it, and last but not least we forgot to press the record button on the camera to have a video of the liberation, because we focused on the live stream. The training flight was a training for us too, to test the live stream. Well, next time it will be better, we have recognized the error and we will fix it, so that the live stream will be without crashes and is enjoyable.

The pigeons arrived the loft in around 5 minutes, and then flew 30 minutes more around the loft.

Last night we basket the pigeons assigned electronically, some pigeons are missing.
On the next training flight, the pigeons list will be updated and there will be also a race list of the training flight.

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