July 19, 2013

6. Trainingflight and 5. Trainingflight

 6. Trainingflight

On Monday, 22/07/2013, at 22;00 p.m. we basking the pigeons for the 6. Trainingflight from Espejo with a distance of 35 km.

On Tuesday, 23/07/2013 at 7:45 a.m. we let the pigeons out for 35 km.

Here is the live stream (live on 7:35 a.m.):
We know that the live-stream isn't working well at moment, but we work on that issue. Next week a Internet-specialist come and try to find a solution with us.
So you can enjoy the live-stream without problems.

5. Trainingsflug

Basking list: http://www.derbycordoba.com/PDF/2013/enc_lag_zonar_3.pdf
Result list: http://www.derbycordoba.com/PDF/2013/lleg_lag_zonar_3.pdf

All other list you can find on the menu category "Racing plan 2013".

Here's the video for the 5. Trainingflight from today:

All lists are now multilingual (English, Spanish and German)

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