July 23, 2013

6. Trainingflight and bird of prey

Last night when we basket the pigeons we talked about the pigeons what kind of good condition they have, a silky plumage, a nice body and muscles with which they could cut rocks off with their wings. The pigeons had previously been a good form, but now they have to get the final touch.

We liberated the pigeons at 7:45 a.m. as planned and without orientation rounds they flown like a ball in the right direction.

But, when we arrived at 8:30 a.m. the loft, we got disappointment, there were just 150 pigeons in the loft and they came in small groups like 10-20 pigeons per group.

It was clear to us, that we got a visit from bird of pref in that race.

You saw the stress on the pigeons, they sit uneasily and looked first to the back and checked the things around...

...all this you can see in the video:

We repaired the web-cam from the exterior view of the loft. This web-camera is now online.

Tomorrow in the morning at 7:00 o´clock we train the pigeons around the loft, you can follow and watch us here on our 24 hour live web cameras.

Loft Leftside

Loft Rightside

Exterior Loft

 The live price list always shows the last actual flight so you are always up to date and the list is refreshed every 2 minutes.


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