July 16, 2013

Racing plan changed

We have changed the racing plan. Tonight we basking the pigeons again for 10 km Lagun Zoñar, because we cant race on Thursday. On Thursday here is rabbit hunting, and hunters can shoot them, but unfortunately the hunters do not hold it and also shoot other animals, so the pigeons stay in the loft on Thursday. Thursday evening we basking the pigeons for the 5. Trainingflight, so another 10 km on Friday.

Here is the video of 3. Trainingflight from today:

We always work on it to improve the website and make it more user friendly. On the right sidebar is now a new small section "Next Race", there will be always all the facts for the next race, such as temperatures, Km, date of starting time liberation, stream, and the live-racelist.

Tomorrow at 8 o´cloak we start the pigeons.

Click here for the live-racelist.

here our live-stream:

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