October 31, 2013

International PigeonMarket Kassel 2013 a success

This year was more going on than Kassel 2012.
Saturday it was really crowded, you can hardly came off the stand. Sunday, it was a bit quieter but still very full.

We have informed the visitors about our Derby and many have already pre-registered to the race.
The T-shirts were well received by the visitors.

On the stand were also Peter Haas, Werner Loos from Germany and Sergio Ferreira from the Netherlands, who organize the collection points in the countries and have actively supported us.

One or the other company was very interested to sponsor our Derby. But more when all the details are clarified.

The International pigeon market in 2013 is very difficult to put into words, you must have seen it live.

Now we need work on the pre-registrations.

Of course in the next day there will be also a video =)

Here are a few photos we took on Sunday, unfortunately it has failed to make more photos because it was to crowded.

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