October 8, 2013

The Final Race Weekend 2013

The final was a unique event. On Friday we visited the Mezquita in Cordoba. Saturday was all about the final race and in the evening some flamenco. Sunday and Monday we viewed pigeons and visited different mountains of Andalusia.

You have to experience this weekend live with pigeons and culture. It's hard to put into words and pictures.It was a very eventful weekend, and unfortunately not found time to update the website.

Thank you to all participants, all the visitors to the final and you.

 Photos and videos from the Final Race weekend

The first pigeon of the final race and also first ace pigeon:
Winner of the first final pigeon and 1. ace pigeon

On friday a trip to the Mezquita Cordoba:

Sunday and monday a trip to the mountains with a beautiful church on the top:

Liberation video from the final race 485 km:

Final Event 2013 Video:

A present from the Canaries fanciers for our Derby Cordoba:

Antonio Jimenez

Carlos Teixeira

Gold Pigeon Ring

In the night after the gala dinner

Jan Pearson

Manuel Mendoza

Paco Vercara

Tandem Sanchez Mendez y Jose Verdejo


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