June 2, 2014

Completed delivery time

Since 25. May the loft is closed and we not more take pigeons for the race for this year.

Due to the prolonged delivery time of pigeons we change the race plan, so all pigeons can fly in a fair competition. The final race on the 3rd October is not affected by that.

We do our best to actualize the participant list as soon as possible. But there are some pigeons we can not assign, because we missing ring-cards and pedigrees.
Contact us by email please, if your pigeon is not listed yet in the participant list. info@derbycordoba.com

Pigeons that are not assigned yet in the list are listed under the name "PENDIENTE CONOCER EQUIPO", if your pigeon is listed there please contact us.
Arrival of the third transport from the Canary Islands

The new platforms that allow 20 or more pigeons to land

In addition the new design allows a soothing bath inside the loft

After passing the quarantine period, the pigeons of Central Europe come into the loft.

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