June 21, 2014

Pictures from the trip to the liberation point for the long distance

18.06 Arrival Basque country (border to France)

18.06 Basque country - Azpeitia

18.06 feeding in Irún 15:00 o'clock

18.06 feeding in Irún 15:00 o'clock 

18/06 The food stand more than two hours

18.06 At 17:00 clock the pigeons were given water with electrolytes

18.06 At 19:00 clock the pigeons were given water without additive till the night

19.6 At 5:00 clock we prepared for the liberation

19.06 The day is dawning

19.06 The day is dawning 

At 19:06 the pigeons were liberated at 6:44 clock

Liberation point Googlemap

19:06 before we drove back to the highway, 500 meters away from the liberation point

This transport system with the food and feeding, we use it for over 8 years for our club and have always achieved with this traditional system the best results.

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