June 30, 2014

Rebuilding is finished

Since yesterday, the rebuilding of the loft is completed.

The pigeons are in a very good health in general, even if a few are not fully in shape, so we give more attention to these pigeons at the moment, because of that the information flow of the website is a bit slowly. We apologize for this. Because in the next few days the training will begin for the Derby pigeons 2014.

We wish all pigeons and participants good luck for 2014!

Photos from the rebuilding of the loft:
Beginning of the reconstruction
Final phase of the rebulding
By the converting of the loft now the pigeons can bath in the loft
Bath in the loft
  New seat boards, useful and modern 
The new loft.
After the conversion it is space for 1400 young birds and 300 old birds for the long distance

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