July 23, 2014

35 km Training Toss and Benzing

On Monday the 15th July we reported that we will switch to Benzing.

Yesterday we started with the conversion from the old to the new clock system of Benzing.

Because of this, many pigeons from the training toss of Espejo 35 Km have not been read by the clock because it was removed.

The training toss was not running optimally. The pigeons came from the wrong side and in many small groups. Pigeons that came late was in a very good form.

We are now starting to to couple the pigeons from the old rings to the new rings and then we test that the new system works properly. 

It will be also more comfortable to check your pigeons with the new list and there will be many more statistics details.

We are very pleased that we the Derby Cordoba racing in the future with Benzing the pigeons.

In the next days we will release some videos of the training toss, the visit of Thomas Zimmermann, the installation and much more.

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