July 26, 2014

Clarity about the training toss Espejo 35 KM

Now that we have ringed all pigeons to Benzing rings, we can finally provide clarity about the Espejo 35 KM training toss. There are still 10 or more pigeons arrive today that not yet listed in the list.

What happened on the training toss, we do not know. The weather was good, the pigeons in a great shape.
They came in small groups and then pulled away again out of sight, which means they are fit.

The indoor cameras have been damaged during the install of the Benzing system, at the moment only the outside camera work properly. We are working on it to fix the error.

On Monday we will basking the pigeons for Casa Tejada Alta 55 KM and all pigeons will fly with the new Benzing chips.

7th Training Toss 35 KM Espejo 22.07.2014 / 7:30 a.m.:

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