July 14, 2014

Visits and training tosses

From Monday 07/07/2014 to Tuesday Thomas Zimmermann, Managing Director of the company Benzing was our guest. He looked at the pigeons and the loft conditioning. We also discussed about a collaboration between the Derby Cordoba and Benzing.

We will change the electronic registration system for the pigeons to Benzing in the next 2-3 wees, before the first prize races starts.

20 pigeons per second will be registrar, this is a guarantee of Mr. Zimmermann himself.
Furthermore it will enable us new functions for us and the participants.

From Thursday 07/10/2014 to Friday 11/07/2014 visited us Jassim Al Kulaib from Kuwait. With him we are working about to can import pigeons from Kuwait to Spain next year. We estimate around 150 to 200 pigeons for 2015.

Training tosses

We was missing when inserting the first time 71 pigeons.

The pigeons were ringed electronically while inserting the first time.

We ringed 684 pigeons electronically.

The basking list from the first basketing, (click here).

List of the missing pigeons from the first basketing (click here).


Disabled persons Organisation DISGENIL helping to liberate the pigeons for the first time (04.07.2014):

2nd Training 3 km Racing Pigeons Derby Cordoba 08.07.2014:

Racing Pigeons arriving from the first kilometers 2014, 3 Km (08.07.2014):

3rd Training 5 km Racing Pigeons Derby Cordoba 10.07.2014:


The final prize money list will be published at the end of the month. Pigeons, which are not paid until 28th July, do not take a part in the race.

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