July 12, 2014

Organization DISGENIL and the first liberation 2014

 On 4th July, the disabled organization DISGENIL, has visited us. They helped us to liberate the pigeons for the first time on the loft. This was even though only 0 km, a special liberation. We were pleased about the euphoria of the disabled persons with the pigeons.

DISGENIL also would like to thank the three participants;

Kevin and Jan Pearson from Australia,
Hans-Jürgen Thielen from Germany
and Parra Negra from the Canary Islands,

for the registration of three teams each with 7 pigeons for DISGENIL.

A Video of the visit of the organization DISGENIL will be published in the next few days.
They had some pigeons from their teams in the hand and they had so much fun with it, especially the liberation.


The final prize money list will be published at the end of the month. Pigeons, which are not paid until 28th July, do not take a part in the race.

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