August 29, 2014

A untypical Derby 2014

Yes, with 40 years experience, we have suffered, like many other fanciers also, many hard flights, almost all know the reason for such a disaster, without the truth is taken into account (bad weather, high winds, flight crosses with Portuguese pigeons and on the ascending and descending air).

As you know, the race is called Derby Cordoba Ruta del Infierno (Route to Hell), for two reasons, the rugged topography and the high temperatures with abrupt weather changes.
Now it is 18° C and in three or four hours are 40° C and more.

The highest temperature we ever had for a race was 2005, with 450 km and 44º C. On the first day we got only two pigeons to home, but on the second day at 12 o´clock we had about 50% of the pigeons at home.

This year the racing season results in Andalusia were spectacular in the spring, but by the end of June, all the clubs had heavy flights.

We can only say that the pigeons receive our best care, attention, training and experience of 40 years, where we received many awards at regional, national and international level. We also learn new things every day with the pigeons and their health.

So even though this is not our year, we will continue, with the danger of losing many more pigeons. But if we have learned something from the pigeon sport that every year, every liberation and every place is different, but it goes on and on. Those which are remain constant are successful in pigeon racing.

We appreciate the feedback and suggestions we have received from many participants.

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