August 21, 2014

Survivor - Oil fields


After years we receive pigeons of the races which are coated with oil from the oil fields. We have developed a cleaning system, which clean the pigeons very fast and they can continue to race.

The third pigeon arriving from flight Guarroman coated with oil

They go through a three-part cleaning process to get back a good plumage.

After drying, they are again fully fit to participate further in the competition.

The oil fields

Andalusia has many oil fields, we estimate for each area there is an oil field. While Cordoba and Jaen have far more than the rest of Andalusia.

The oil fields are a double-edged sword because on the one hand, the upper layer of water quenches the thirst of our beloved pigeons, while they fly several hours. On the other hand there are many who are caught in the mud and also can not rid of it, or swallow the oil.

The last 3 photos show the oil fields that exist near the Derby Cordoba.

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