September 25, 2014

Controversy in prizes

Since we published the final list of prizes, we have received different opinions, two of them being the most repetitive.

We put here the twoo questions:

1.- Why the value of the prizes, no go up even more you?
Ask that coming from participants with pigeons in race.

2.- Why it has increased the amount of awards?
Ask that coming from participants that not now have pigeons in race.

We have carefully analyzed the two positions and each has its reason.

The firsts by that see little prize for editing, which undoubtedly is the most unusual of the seven held and which hopefully will never more be repeated.
The seconds that for reasons unrelated to the quality of their pigeons, they now not have the option of win.

The other day say us "Whatever we do, it will never be liked by all" to right or wrong this is so.

We recall that the awards published are over the provisions of the basis of the Race Fuego, that unfortunately and  by reasons known, be the race that will be held next October 3.

Well, this time we have found a Solomonic decision, which please to all parties involved:

1.- Those who have not said anything (mostly)
2.- Those which have notified us that by an unexplained year, we continue to have to them
3.- Those who are in favor of raising the prizes
4.- Those now they no have pigeons
5.- Those who have sent other opinions and finally
6.- The organization (the more interested on satisfying of all)

In 1 or 2 days we will publish the details of our decision, we can only anticipate that we will spend a minimum of € 3,000 in fixed prizes.

Thanks for you time

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