September 3, 2014

What is next?

I would first like to report that on the last race, unlike other races of this year, the pigeons that came on the third day looked very bad, so they have flown a lot. The proportion of injured pigeons is very high this year.

From the heart, I say that this year is very much going wrong, much more than you can imagine.

I've spent the last few nights without sleep much time, again and again I think about what happened and am very disappointed with the results, but I am convinced that it is completely independent of the shape of the pigeons and quality. I affirm again the pigeons this year have the best of health conditions.

I want to let you know, everything we do or decide, is for the benefit of the pigeon.

Since many participants have already booked a ticket and a hotel room for the final, we do not want you to visit an empty loft.

There are changes and new decisions have been made​​. Not all decisions can be right for everyone, to the pigeon sport is far too multifaceted.

1. Deletion of the Race Diablo (500 Km) and of course the activation of 40 € per pigeon.

2. Change the race plan, and the finale of the race Fuego to put on the 3rd of October.

 05/09/14 - 25 Km
 09/09/14 - 50 Km  
 16/09/14 - 100  Km
 23/09/14 - 200 Km
 03/10/14 - 330 Km Finale

3. prize money / award distribution::
              As Pigeon, Team Championship, As-Team-Speed on the races of 
              Guarromán, Consolación, 200 and 330 Km.

 -We think, thus we give the stragglers time to recover and then continue to participate in the race

In the next few days the website will be updated in the race plan and the prize money.

We welcome your suggestions and opinions and want to encourage you to continue your opinion, the criticism is a great value. We consider criticism as a tool for improvement.

In the hope that these measures will be well received, otherwise a sincere apology.

With best regards
Rafael Ruz, Organizer

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