October 2, 2014

The diagnosis of pigeon

Received diagnostic laboratory pigeons Vet Don Guillermo Barrallo, we put at your disposal HERE.

Following their recommendations, on Monday were treated with Levamisole. It also concludes that the airways are only mildly affected and may be by sudden changes in temperatures in recent days, and does not recommend treatment.

Samples were taken last day 25/09 of 16 different randomly chosen pigeons, to 8 pigeons were taken from mouth swabs and other 8 pigeons cloacal swabs. The feces were taken of all the lofts, all according to the Don Guillermo indications.

In the opinion of Don Guillermo Barrallo and Don Juan Perales (both veterinarians), find an analytic where all parameters measured are zero, especially after the return of a race, it is an exception.

Today is the basketing for the final race of this edition.

Our best wishes to all who have pigeons. Good luck to all!

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