October 10, 2014

The first 10 pigeons

The auction begins at 13.10.2014 and end on 21.10.2014 at 9 p.m. With each bid, the sum of auction increases by 10 €.

Pigeons can be transported for a transportation fee of 25 € to Kassel and be picked up there.

If you are not coming to Kassel, you have to arrange a transport with the organisation, please contact us derby@hijosdebombin.com.

We present now the first 10 pigeons from the Final Race 330 Km with photos, videos and pedigree.
Here it goes to the ace pigeon results.

To view the race results, please click on the ring number.

Important: The pigeon with the ringnumber 36293268 got disqualified after we made the photos and videos. Reason: not paid. The new final race results you can find HERE.

Team FAUST / 36293268-14-DV

Team KIMBERLEY / 00000164-13-AUS


Tándem LOS MARIACHIS N / 73730067-14-DV


Team GERMANY - W + I ZAGER / 25730566-14-DV

Team GERMANY - GIRLS UNITED / 96830140-14-DV

Christin Sparty / 68924715-14-DV

BRIESKORN, Frank / 29620443-14-DV

Team GERMANY - R + R MARIEN / 96830118-14-DV


10º Jassim AL KULAIB 1 / 01843757-14-NL

Inscribed to 1000 Km

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