May 29, 2015

Last Canaria concentration - A champion of champions

Until this Sunday we can take your youngsters in our point of concentration of Gran Canaria, since that day we closed the last concentration of pigeons. So there's still you are to time!

Each year, the yerlings is facing to the 1000 km, them are paired then of the middle distance flights and this has always given us good results in this great distance.

The fact is that the pigeon you see in the picture, was one of those uploaded pigeons in last year and which this year, highlighted with light itself in our pigeon club, has traveled all trainings, Villacañas (277 km) Nambroca (272 km) Torrelodones (375 km) and Mataporquera (605 km) and how maximum them have the 5th ranking from an average of 650 pigeons. 
Interestingly neither of her parents return from the final test last year.

At last came the 49 Australians pigeons, now will remain isolated from the rest to verify their health, which we assume no problem whatsoever, since the state of their health is very good.

450 Pigeon - Australian

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