September 21, 2015

Flight from Porzuna 205 km

For the sole purpose of not interfering in the order of rankings, we decided that as we did on the flight of 140 km, we will leave open the old entrance area in this and other flights. Ranked the 50% will close again and will not open until the next flight.

The scheduled release for tomorrow is at 08:30 h.

Pigeons recovering:
00000916-14-AUS * 00000979-14-AUS * 00200562-15-ESP *
00212498-15-GRC * 00249050-15-ESP * 00249055-15-ESP *
68925481-15-DV * 71960438-15-DV * 96830399-15-DV and

Video: 1. Prize Race 2015 Brazatortas (Ciudad Real) 140 km

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