June 24, 2016

2016 Saintes 1000-1150 km

In order to try to get better results, this year for this flight we have organized an open competition for Andalusians and Toledanos. As result a total of 211 pigeons in Saintes, all in the same line of flight:

Area Center, Toledo, with 650 to 700 km, participating with 80 pigeons

Area Center Andalucia, Córdoba, with 950 to 1010 km, participating with 62 pigeons and

East-Central Zone Andalucía, Sevilla - Cádiz, with 1030 to 1150 km, participating with 69 pigeons

Every year the pigeons eat, drink and rest in the shade and outdoor
in a rest area as close as possible to Saintes

The water was placed one hour before release.
The release site is a large and open wide place.

At the place the weather expected was a slight cloudy to disappear around 09hs and didn't reach more than 15 km in the south, with light winds of 7 km of northeast component. What it was so.

For the rest of the way in France, the Pyrenees and the Basque Country, was totally clear with light winds 7 km variables. What it also was so.
From Burgos to the places of arrival, were clear with maximum temperatures of 34°C and variable winds 7 to 10 km. This changed a bit, as the winds, according to our observation the Southeast were moderate, we calculated from 20 to 25 km with maximum temperature of 36ºC. What it was confirmed later in weather prediction.

Despite these changes, at all times and until 18hs., both my feeling and sensation, same as Miguel Infante, was good. Everything indicated that Toledo could reading between 16hs and 18hs., and depending on the percentages and how to enter the pigeons, we could do the calculations for the remaining areas.

The afternoon followed, and the 18hs, 19hs, and 20hs.... without any news of Toledo, which incomprehensibly gave the result as the non-entry of any pigeon on the first day, so can imagine, Miguel and I, in our night back home.

As the sun was rising on the day 22, came the good news. At 06:40hs entered the first pigeon in Toledo, which lifted our spirits and as usual, to re-calculate trying to guess the time of arrival of the first pigeon in the 1000 km.
Finally, at 13:21hs comes the first of 1000 km., it is the 290023-12 with a total of 23 hs., which is the second time that performs this flight, with a maximum temperature of 38°C versus 36°C provided.
What at first looks good, it is below for what has been done by his aunt in the year 2000, whom with maximum 45ºC made this same journey in just 20hs. However, the important thing was to see if as in year 2000 would be a break of several days or begin entry of pigeons as we were doing for several years. Fortunately the second pigeon got enter in Sevilla the 23th at 15:21 with 1040 km

From this 2nd pigeon and until this moment there isn't more news, but I'm sure soon they'll begin to come in, because I firmly believe that although it has not developed as in the previous years, we must not forget that the results obtained so far are above the middle of this flight, in which it is normal to have the first pigeon in the third or fourth day.

I also want to clarify that each flight is quite differentin, which indicates that everything will go splendidly, a bad flight and vice versa is obtained. Well we have to wait a few days to know how will be the end in this release.

Finally, would like to thank all participants in the open flight Saintes 2016, their support and confidence in this noble challenge, as is a stably conquest of Andalusia for the 1000-1150 km.

Thanks for your time.

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