June 29, 2016

Decision about the pigeon that arrives without chip

Yesterday at 14:12 h. came the first pigeon Inferno Race 2016, released at Saintes: 1004 km. Unfortunately it came without chip. Rapidly we took some pictures and reported to the group created in the Whasapt. Even it was placed a new chip to pass again by the antenna, etc., all this with the nerves of the moment to the fullest and thus trying to give veracity the time of arrival. Logically, the chip does not mark anything on the clock and once past the nerves, we make ourselves the pertinent questions about this situation.Our bases are not involved in what we do in this case, the current national rules either, but it is known and currently practiced. Submit it to the corresponding committee of competitions at the opening of watches and so ascribe as search warrant the last of that time.Our bases do include the following:

11. Our will, to fully respect the schedule of flights. But
whether any cause had to alter, suspend ... in part or full any flight of this Derby, The Organization is the only competent party to take the decision/s as appropriate. So it is with not all collected here. In both cases the decisions will be published on News from the Web.However, before taking a decision, it has been consulted by phone with five participants, who, even not knowing what ring is, or to whom it belongs, all have voted favorably this decision:
The organization of Derby Cordoba, deems it appropriate to granting as arrival record the last place within control, which is 10 days and ends and ends the next day 06/30/2016 at 24 hours. Also regardless the final position it reaches,  give it an identical trophy to the first,  in recognition of the first returned pigeon.

In the hope that with this decision has been
resolved this matter, and has the most support expected, the organization appreciates your ways.   

Closed the race pigeons total arrivals is 1

Under the bases on Monday we publish the awards.

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