July 16, 2016

Pigeons to sponsor

Yesterday closed the payment deadline for registration pigeons. In compliance with the standards, the organization will do what is most appropriate with pigeons teams who have not paid,

In the following case, the pigeons of this team is put in sponsorship until the 25th of this month at a price of 125 € pigeon to cover their tuition and other expenses, this includes team owner, if still is your desire .

1.- 06415328-16-POR   AZUL
2.- 06415331-16-POR   RODADO
3.- 06415333-16-POR   RODADO ALI
4.- 06415336-16-POR   RODADO
5.- 06415336-16-POR   RODADO

Reservations will be made through email: Rafael@derbycordoba.com by strict order of entry, however, are preferential the reservations for a team if be provided on the same day both.

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