July 21, 2016

Wave after Wave of Heat

             Photo on Bilbaina Station

Hello friends,
After several years without very high temperatures, the year 2016 seems to be coming more in line with the area and therefore promises to be a true Route of Hell (Ruta del Infierno).  
We have just had intense days with high temperatures up to 46ºC in the vey first heatwave of this summer. Next will come days of slightly lower temperatures, between 38 and 40 "a luxury". From next Monday we will enter fully into the 2nd heatwave, which promises even more ...

Remember that into heat, Cordoba and Seville are equally hot.

Photo taken in Seville city during the first Heat Wave.

For your tranquility we inform you that our facilities are designed in order that your pigeons do not suffer more than necessary, so that they can acclimatise quickly without losing form, which is strictly necessary to successfully face the training / flights on August because the current indicators, will advertise that it has to be a hellish month.

Do the pigeons shall succseed?
We are confident that ...Yesss !!!

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