August 5, 2016

Twenty-one Losses

In this Derby it is normal to have few losses during the homing instinct that usually lasts about 6 months after the first innings, without forgetting that raptors already form a permanent part of the area.

This time the accumulated losses are 21 pigeons, which puts us at 5.83%, our second best percentage in the nine editions to date, being the highest 7.86% and the lowest 4.87%.

Linting of Losses:

Antonio & Juan Carlos Fuentes 1: 221005-16-ESP
Antonio & Juan Carlos Fuentes 2: 221007-16-ESP
Domingo Mario Díaz Acosta: 76021-16-ESP
Equipo Coyfran: 6206283-16-POR
Florín - Derby Corabia: 626001-16-RO
Golden race Algarve: 6206293-16-POR 
Heinz Wichert, Karl: 26180889-16-DV and 16180915-16-DV
Kimberly, Team: 6206299-16-POR
Los Mariachis 2, Tándem: 26285-16-MEX
Muñoz Cubero, Joaquín: 181525-16-ESP
Para apadrinar 125 €: 882487-16-KW and 882500-16-KW
Pearson, Jan: 2084-15-AUS
Pisla Daniel & Vitan George, Team: 290821-16-RO
Sporting Pigeons, Team: 6168514-16-POR
Toni Deigner, Team Germany: 59502031-16-DV and 59502090-16-DV
Valero Martín, Gonzálo: 240401-16-ESP
Valido Frade, Miguel 2: 221016-16-ESP
Wilhelm Linke, Team Germany: 35260508-16-DV

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