August 3, 2016

We changed the entrance area

The new location of entrances, allows attendees to see them stop and enter live online from only a few meters. Something that, despite our rigorous live broadcasts on television, it was taking off part of the excitement that gives us to see them arrive, stop and enter live online in a Derby.

Now in this sense we place ourselves to the forefront , because we offer you 3 ways of seeing pigeons arrive:
1. Broadcasting in live from a few meters
2. By TV sitting in our hall while sipping a drink and
3. By online from house if you could not attend.

But most importantly, in all three, we maintain our identity to remain the Derby where nobody whistle them, calls or beckons with a wand, etc, etc.
We are the only Derby where in his eight previous editions, pigeons go of seeing them in the air to be within in a few seconds, without none of them has changed its entry order by any inconvenience, ensuring that the winner, it's really the winner.
In addition, with this variety of options lets you choose which is best suits you depending on your time.

¡We improve for you!

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