September 5, 2016

Great Heatwave

In my 55 years, I had never experienced these high temperatures in September.
Our intention is to continue with the program and drop tomorrow to 150km.
But we will evaluate closely the behavior of pigeons in the day, especially in the central hours and then make a final decision. It is not the first time and with good results, we release with these temperatures and more than 400 km, but in Final.
Now we are faced to workout, which forces us to think much about the welfare of the birds, their owners, and even many of them have already booked a hotel and of course in the final. To make matters worse Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are very strong hunting days in the central and southern Spain and on Wednesdays and Fridays, days of high risk because an unexpected delay in their arrival, which is more than likely at distances which we remains to be done and especially with the current temperatures, can lead us to ruin this great year.

So we only have the Monday and Tuesday as days with guarantee of no problem with the hunting.

Therefore, and true to our commitment to look after your pigeons, we will assess carefully and to think what we do and accordingly, as we do.

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