October 13, 2016

Only foul finish the season

Since we found the solution to the motive that was causing the losses unjustified of flights in autumn,  we have returned to normality of the flights in summer and despite the fact that the past 08, was the day with the highest number of earthquakes in Spain from the previous 10 days, so you can check on the official website of the government of Spain about earthquakes. 

The hard and good work we are doing, make us collect the fruit of the excellent results obtained.  But before throwing bells in air, we need to finish the season with another good result in the final race next day 24 from the 415 km.

Immediately after the celebration of the FCI final, and as scheduled, I was hospitalized on October 10th for a surgery, thank God everything is going well and this being the reason for my delay in information.

Once again thanks to the more than 500 messages wishing me a speedy recovery.

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