February 9, 2017

We adapt to you

The location of our installations has always guaranteed that the winning pigeons are the real ones, since they are located in our terrace of 450 m2.

Being isolated of the assistants during the final and without nobody is the installation to whistle or to give with the rod, etc.,  It impeding that when they stop they would be oppressed and that another one or others, later arrived, win.

With our cameras and big Tvs screens we have always offered you to see everything in live and comfortably.

But..? Many wanted to live it like in home, watching them come and enter to the loft in real. Well, we can already live these same sensations, because as you see, now we offer you both ways:
From the interior of our place, 400 m2 covered with all the information on the Tvs screens or from our splendidand spectacular esplanade of 600 m2.

Choose the one that you choose you will spend the luxury of the day of our final.
                              We Wait You!

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