June 7, 2017

Long Distance Final

At the moment the weather forecast of clouds and temperatures for the end of the next flight, paints luxury.

The winds up to the Pyrenees at the moment are the ideal ones.

In the Peninsula also goes well, since at 14 h the climatology after the Pyrenees is Clouds and Clear with possibility of some small rains, which would help the pigeons to drink even flying and thus keep the thirst at bay.

The winds of up to 12 km / h are maintained, at least, until past Soria, so half of the way should be done in about 6/7 hours and the peloton in 7/8 h. Also the weather and the winds are maintained in the following day.

Although it is still early to ensure this weather, we waiting for it to be fulfilled.

If there are changes, we will be communicating here.

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