July 22, 2017

We have only 31 losses

In our case it is normal to have few casualties during the period of the attachment, although the entry period lasts 5 months and we must not forget that raptors form a permanent part of the area.
This time the accumulated victims are 31 pigeons, which puts us at 6.64%, percentage that is within the margin, minimum obtained 4.87% and maximum 7.86%.

We already have all the leaves assigned and the pigeons already fly well every day, now they are with doors open until tomorrow night, where they will be locked up for 3 days to properly educate them to their call and then, they will fly daily forced flights. Although they will not be well trained until the flight of 80 km.

The arrivals online this year will be the first flight from 24 km (Hotel Atalaya)

List of losses:
Alther, Uwe (1): 228006-17-ESP
Ameller, Jaime (1): 228167-17-ESP
Team Aurelio y Ramón (1): 705246-17-FCC
Barraganes, Juan (1): 228177-17-ESP
Coyfran & Iván Team 2 (2): 149160 y 149186-17-ESP
Cruz, Salvador (1): 213072-17-ESP 
Fdez & Malagón & Dimitrov (2): 149177 - 151474-17-ESP
Fernández, José Andrés (1): 133157-17-ESP
Corabia, Florín (1): 228197-17-ESP
Gómez, Victor Manuel (1): 228136-17-ESP
Hnos Infante & Wildgruber, Team (1): 231941-17-ESP
International One Loft - Nova Zagora (2): 1964-17-BG y 228137-17-ESP
Liska & Fuentecilla, Team (2): 210017 y 210040-17-ESP
Derby Gran Canaria One Loft Race, Hnos Medina Jáver (2) 702790 y 702798-17-FCC
Los Viejos de Islas, Team (1) 731985-17-FCC
Los Magníficos, Team (1): 806302-17-FCC
Los VIP, Team (1): 228289-17-ESP
Marius Sima & Ticutel, Team (2): 144337 y 144309-17-ESP
Paco y Merce (1): 228246-17-ESP
Peña Los Notas (1): 228031-17-ESP
Piérre Equipe (2): 228446 y 228492-17-ESP
Ruhr - Thielen, Team (1): 228075-17-ESP
Sevilla Pigeons Race (1): 185014-17-ESP
y Sporting Sport, Team 1 (1): 7117360-17-POR

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