June 29, 2018

Comments on the final race

One more year the final flight fits within the good results, since it equals the same result of 2014, both only surpassed by the results of 2016.

Here the table of results:

Year      Pigeons  Rec/Enc         % en 10º days                   % total (45 days) 
2014           14/48                                29%                                   20/48 - 42% 
2015           12/59                                20%                                   16/59 - 27%
2016           01/33                                  3%                                   11/33 - 33%
2017           23/63                                37%                                   33/63 - 52%
2018           11/38                                29%                                   12/38 - 32%  

As you know from all the information exposed, the weather suddenly changed on the day of our arrival in Saintes, France, and we were forced to let go one day later at 1:30 p.m., because a clearing was opened or otherwise we had to return with they, since the expected bad weather would be at least 4 or 5 more days and without guarantees of what would happen when that new period arrived.

Do not forget that the Pyrenees are in this release the biggest handicap, what to be closed, the chances of arriving on time are very few and if this were not enough, then they must face the high temperatures of the last journey (50%) where the 35th are reached at 12:30 h. in the morning, to finish between 38º to 40º in the last 350 km.

Despite everything, we hit, but certainly not as we would have liked to guess, but I think the percentage of 29% in the first 10 days, is frankly acceptable for the great hardness of this flight and more in this climatic year so complicated that We're having.

Thank you for your participation and we hope you again in this new edition that is open, where you can choose quota, distance ... and even not lose ownership of your pigeon.

All the information HERE

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