Participation Rules 2014

A derby with 3 races and these three races are divided into 3 categories, Race Fuego, Race Diablo, Race Infierno.
You have the opportunity to participate in the Race Fuego, Race Diablo in the Race Infierno and can get off when you want and just need to activate pigeons for the races that are still present.
There is also the possibility to participate only in the Race Infierno without competetition on the Race Fuego and Diablo

Click here for the registration form.

1. Race Fuego (Finale 350 km on 11. August 2014)  More information here...
1 pigeon costs 70 Euro.
Each 5 pigeons you can send 2 Gratis-Reserve-Pigeons and also you will participate on the Team-Championship.

2. Race Diablo (Final 500 km on 03. October 2014)  More information here...
Participation in the Race Diablo without taking part in the Race Fuego is not possible.
1 pigeon costs 40 Euro.
You can activate all pigeons from your team or individual pigeons for the Race Diablo.
The activation of the pigeons is from 12.08.2014 till 22.08.2014.
For the Race Diablo is an event organized for the final and a a gala dinner at the night.

3. Race Infierno (Final 1000 km on 14. June 2015) More information here...
1 pigeon costs 150 Euro.
You can activate all pigeons from your team or individual pigeons for the Race Infierno. 
The activation of the pigeons is from 04.10.2014 till 10.11.2014.

You can participate only in the Race Infierno without taking part in the Race Fuego or Diablo.
You pay 45 Euro maintenance costs per pigeon and the pigeon flies up to 150 km in the Race Fuego 2014, but does not receive any prize money. At 5 registered  payable pigeons you can also send 2 pigeons without additional maintenance costs for these 2 pigeons (Free-maintenance-Pigeon). If the pigeon is still present after the 150 km flight, you have to pay the registration fee of 150 Euro till 10.07.2014. After the pigeon paused until year 2015. From 2015 we train the pigeons from 10 - 520 km and a return train of 145 km, before they start the 1000 km Race.
(See the race plan for more details)

Transportation and Delivery
The pigeons can be delivered from 27.01.2014 to 10.05.2014.

Per pigeon the transport of the collection points Europe to Spain costs 20 Euro, this includes Gratis-Reserve-Pigeons, Donation pigeons and pigeons that only participate in the Race Infierno.

We will collect pigeons two times from the Europe collection points from 01 to 05. April 2014 and from 06. to 09. May 2014.
The Europe collection points are: Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

For non-listed collection points Europe and for non-Europe countries, you have to organize a individual transport with the collection point or with us. The transport cost can be different from 20 Euro.

The pigeon has kept to our loft in Spain:
-Ring Card 2014
-Copy of the bank transfer of the paid registration fee.

A list and more information about the collection points you can find in the category "Collection".

The registration fee must be paid to the following account:
Account Name:     Club Colombófilo PONTANENSE
Bank Name:         Santander
Account Number: 0049 0505 17 2111320307
IBAN:                  ES23 0049 0505 1721 1132 0307

Pigeons that are not paid 20 days after delivery will be released for auction, sponsorship, donation or other things.
What are sponsored pigeons and donation pigeon is explained in our Questions / Answers category (FAQ).

-The first 100 pigeons from the finale will be auctioned if the participant does not want to activate for 1000 km for the next year, with a 50% of sale proceeds to you.
-The positions 101-200 pigeons from the final, the owner can buy the pigeon back for 90 Euro if he does not want to activate.
-The 201 and the remaining pigeons, the owner can buy the pigeon back for 75 Euro if he does not want to activate.
-If no activation or buy back, the organization hold the rights what happen with the pigeons

-The first 25 pigeons in the final Infierno will be auctioned on our website with a sale proceeds of 50% to you.
-The pigeons 26-50 in the final Infierno will be auctioned on our website www.reypaloma, with a 25% of sale proceeds to you.

-If the pigeon will not be sold on the first auction, the proceeds from the 2nd auction goes 100% to the organizer.
-Pigeons without ring card or pedigree, receive no proceeds from the auction, sponsored pigeons are not subject to this rule.
-Date and time of the auction will be announced on our website.

Donation pigeons:
Pigeons can be donated for the team DISGENIL, organization for disabled children.
To participate with donation pigeon, the same conditions apply as normal pigeons (registration fee must be paid), with the only difference that all won prize money of this team goes to the organization DISGENIL for disabled children.


More Rules:
- The organizer reserves all rights.

- All races and training flights may be delayed due to bad weather conditions for the benefit of the pigeons.

- The pigeons must be at least 30 days old at the time of delivery and become the property of the organizer.

- The registration form must be filled out truthfully .

- The sending of pigeons means you have read the participation rules and the questions / answers section and accept this.

- The pigeons will be vaccinated against paramyxovirus by the organizer and the vet Mr. Juan Perales Cosanon, Nr. 1,367 Colegiado of Cordoba Faculty of Veterinary Medicine medically treated.

- Each participant can register unlimited pigeons.

- The final race of the Race Infierno has a concourse time of 15 days.

-The final Fuego and Diablo has concourse time of 50 pigeons or till the next day 12 pm.

- Excluded from participation are employees and their direct relatives, beside the team DISGENIL (charity for disabled children).

- The participants must send and inform us about the ring cards and the pedigrees.

- Personal data will not be released except of the team name .

- The event has the right to publish any personal information or data necessary to the purchaser of the pigeon auction and submit it.

- If due to special events ( disasters , avian flu, etc. ..) , the race can not be held , it will be announced on our website.

- All arrivals of the pigeons will be documented with an electronically system. All birds are ringed electronically and the order of the pigeons is mirrored by the clock.

- Trophies and certificates will be handed over at the Final Race Diablo.

- All prizes are paid by bank transfer .

- On the Team-Championship participants can only participate if you participate 5 pigeons or more.

- The final prize money distribution of each race will be published after the end of the period of sponsorship.

- Prize money "Double" or "Triple" if it does not gain anyone, it goes to the next event of Derby Cordoba .

- The Sponsor of sponsored pigeons gain all rights and prize money, that this pigeon gain.

- All prizes are calculated for 2000 pigeons for each Race, with less or more pigeons the price list will be calculated proportional of the paid pigeons.

-  Gratis-Reserve-Pigeons do not increase the total prize money of the registered pigeons. but take part in the Race Fuego and gain all won prizes.

-This is a translation of the participants rules from Spanish to English, the official rules will be in Spanish and is posted on the Spanish Website, because any translation into another language, may contain translation errors.