February 23, 2013

The pigeons from Australia, how Rafael Ruz and Jan & Kevin Pearson made the impossible possible

As we said in the last post the pigeons have a long progress behind them, but Kevin Pearson, Jan Pearson and Rafael Ruz made it, that the Australian pigeons arrive in Spain. The Pigeons waited long till they can start they travel, because of the big bureaucracy world wide, it was a lot of paperwork like 2-3 months... but now the gate is open for Australian pigeons for Spain and Europe.
The pigeons traveled well, but they already moulting and the weather is still quite cool, so we had change a bit the loft for the Australian pigeons.

Lets see if the Australian pigeon are better then European pigeons=)

 Check the photos:

All pigeons drinking and eating well, after the hard travel.

Rafael Ruz who worked hard a lot of nights together with Kevin & Jan Pearson made a photo for you=)
We love your pro photoshop skills, but when the final is, we will make a real photo of this 3 persons who made the impossible possible

Now please sleep some nights, the nights you all missed for bring pigeons from Australian to Spain

February 21, 2013

Pigeons from Australia

A short news to all fanciers worldwide.
Pigeons from Australia just arrived today. It was a long progress, with a lot of paperwork and trouble, but Jan Pearson (our co-ordinator for Australia) and Rafael Ruz (the organizer from Derby Cordoba), solved all the problems.
Next days some photos and videos about the long progress=)