June 24, 2015

New successes of the pigeons Ruz (Derby Fuerteventura y Costa del Sol)

Yesterday, our friend, and a friend to all, Domingo Diaz Mario Acosta of Tenerife, sent me a WhatsApp to inform me that the male which he buy to we, two years ago, it is really an excellent breed. We talked about the 50369-04 which was 1º Monterroso (Galicia) 660 km by rayon and 2º Regional overall.

Recall that was sold for age and your blood runs through many pigeons our in breeding. Among them is the 1st of 2015 from Saintes and 1º from Saintes in 2014, both marked on the first day, so we are unique in Andalusia. All three are of our line 1,218 and 1,325 km.

It is known that our pigeons stand on funds hard and in long distances, must be why they have also stand in the Derby Negra Parra, where the results obtained are good and with a large number of classified doves, no more and no less that six.

The fact is that Dominic Mario sent a son of this great male to Fuerteventura and won the 17 place. Domingo Mario decided to see how they would in another derby, so to name of Thierry Sibille (great friend of his) sent two brothers to the Costa del Sol, so with increased competition, higher quality would have to prove to excel.

Well, these two youngsters have risen to positions 30 and 33, two two, not just of the end, if not of the entire campaign, leaving behind nothing more and nothing less than more than 1,050 pigeons.

But do not forget that the mother is a pure Domingo Mario and that she contributes the other 50% as well, just know of where is, we know that quality also accompanied by everywhere.

3 of 3 = 100%

Again, thanks to Domingo Mario by his information

June 19, 2015

Flight Saintes, France, 1000 km

From 15 pm to 04 am them were always here.
Them here ate, drank and made quietly digestion

 Release acta

   Excellent place to  be released

  Mr. Pierre, Delegate France making checking

  France all sunny and cloudless
From Irun to Vitoria clouds and clear

From Saintes to Madrid always tail air
The maximum temperature were in Madrid - 26º

June 17, 2015

List of registered and definitive awards L.D. 2015

Finally now available the list of registered pigeons to Long Distance 2015 and the awards that will be played in the release of 1,000 km!

Finally, 54 have been enrolled pigeons, so, 54 x 60.00 = € 3,240.00 in dispute

You can access them on the "Race Long Dist. 15"

June 10, 2015

Postponed the release of 1000 km few days, other news

For the meteorology, we postpone the flight 3 or 4 days, which the pigeons go to thank and we expect also you.

The pigeon 500 is Canaria

After a slight delay in the delivery of the transport guide, for end  comes the last batch of pigeons Canarias, which put an end to the reception 2015 with just over 500 pigeons.

We thank all participants of this year by his new vote of confidence for this derby that, if anything, is greater than ever after the abnormal of previous edition.

June 9, 2015

The final 1000 km us the follow very closely...

We carry several days by following the evolution of time in France and especially in the area of the Pyrenees in their entry to Spain, because if there is bad time in this area, the chances of receiving doves within the normal period, would be almost nil, for not say nil, because if the steps are covered with clouds, the birds do not can cross.

So tomorrow we take the decision to release as scheduled or postpone it 4 or 5 days until you pass the new storm that begins to come in now.

I will follow reporting, Rafael Ruz