October 22, 2014

Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and olives in Kassel.

This year we have for our friends and subscribers in Kassel, a free tasting of good and delicious local products from Cordoba / Puente Genil.  
Do not forget to visit us in Hall 1 stand 121, next to the Benzing stand.  
At the stand is waiting for you Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, olives and a delicious cold beer.



October 17, 2014

Derby Córdoba - National Championship Derbys

We inform in general that:

Today we received letter of R.F.C.E. communicating that our request to form part the group National colombodromos Circuit Derbys 2015, which has been accepted.

October 13, 2014


During the day today  will begin the auction the 60 pigeons top finishers of this 2014.

You'll notice that some pigeons are missing, is that are registered by their owners to Race Infierno (Hell) 2015.

Please read carefully the page Instructions Auction (English)

To see the Auction, click right menu or click here:

Haz clic aquí para entrar a la subasta
Pigeons can be transported for a transportation fee of 25 € to Kassel and be picked up there.

October 10, 2014

The first 10 pigeons

The auction begins at 13.10.2014 and end on 21.10.2014 at 9 p.m. With each bid, the sum of auction increases by 10 €.

Pigeons can be transported for a transportation fee of 25 € to Kassel and be picked up there.

If you are not coming to Kassel, you have to arrange a transport with the organisation, please contact us derby@hijosdebombin.com.

We present now the first 10 pigeons from the Final Race 330 Km with photos, videos and pedigree.
Here it goes to the ace pigeon results.

To view the race results, please click on the ring number.

Important: The pigeon with the ringnumber 36293268 got disqualified after we made the photos and videos. Reason: not paid. The new final race results you can find HERE.

Team FAUST / 36293268-14-DV

Team KIMBERLEY / 00000164-13-AUS


Tándem LOS MARIACHIS N / 73730067-14-DV


Team GERMANY - W + I ZAGER / 25730566-14-DV

Team GERMANY - GIRLS UNITED / 96830140-14-DV

Christin Sparty / 68924715-14-DV

BRIESKORN, Frank / 29620443-14-DV

Team GERMANY - R + R MARIEN / 96830118-14-DV


10º Jassim AL KULAIB 1 / 01843757-14-NL

Inscribed to 1000 Km

October 8, 2014

The final week

Congratulations to the pigeons, they have provided all a very good performance.

The finale on 3rd. October was a very special finale. There were visitors from Australia., Spain, Germany, and Austria.

The first pigeons arrived at 13:22 and 10 at once. All 10 pigeons deserve the utmost respect and all other who came after mostly alone. For the pigeons, but also for the participants, spectators and for us, it was a very challenging  racing season, with ups and downs.

Participants can now choose between two options an auction or activation.
You can either use the pigeon for auction, with sale proceeds of 50% to you
Activate the pigeon for the long distance 1000 km for the next year. The participation fee is 150 EUR.

Please sign up at the email derby@hijosdebombin.com

In the next few days, the auction begins on our Auction website:

Instructions on how to sign up and bidding you can find there too. Auctioned pigeons can be picked up for transportation fee on the International Pigeon Market in Kassel, Germany.

Photos from the final week, you can find on our Facebook site:

 Videos from the final week:


  Interview with Jan Pearson (Derby Cordoba Australian Agent): 

 Cordoba visit:


 Final Day: 


October 2, 2014

The diagnosis of pigeon

Received diagnostic laboratory pigeons Vet Don Guillermo Barrallo, we put at your disposal HERE.

Following their recommendations, on Monday were treated with Levamisole. It also concludes that the airways are only mildly affected and may be by sudden changes in temperatures in recent days, and does not recommend treatment.

Samples were taken last day 25/09 of 16 different randomly chosen pigeons, to 8 pigeons were taken from mouth swabs and other 8 pigeons cloacal swabs. The feces were taken of all the lofts, all according to the Don Guillermo indications.

In the opinion of Don Guillermo Barrallo and Don Juan Perales (both veterinarians), find an analytic where all parameters measured are zero, especially after the return of a race, it is an exception.

Today is the basketing for the final race of this edition.

Our best wishes to all who have pigeons. Good luck to all!

October 1, 2014

Pigeons that are not basket at 330 km

Here the pigeons injured or unfit to be basket at 330 km:

3875,188929, 189506, 575071, 601755, 1363701, 2010715, 6960252, 26980092 y 48120111.

Laboratory results Veterinary

Yesterday we received the laboratory results from the Veterinary D. Guillermo Barrallo which you can find HERE.

The recommendation by the veterinary is to be treated from Monday to the pigeons with levamisole. The airways are only mildly affected and can be created by the sudden change of the temperatures in recent days, here he recommends no treatment.

Samples were taken on 25.09.2014 of various pigeons randomly selected. And there are various swabs and feces taken from the loft.

Today, the pigeons will be basket for the final.
We wish all participants good luck!