December 31, 2015

33 Super-Pigeons

Sensational auction of the 33 best pigeons in this tough Ruta del Infierno.
Several are sisters of pigeons who has excelled in other European derbys.
If you are fans of this derby, you know exactly what costs to this pigeons survive on this route and that his offspring it stands wherever you go.

So, if you miss this opportunity, it may not make you another large European pigeons

Ends on January 10 2016 at 20:00

December 22, 2015

The auctions is restart - Video

After 40 days, little by little we are getting normal. Although we still have some things to learn and most importantly, practicing hard to get everything easier. Auction it lacks for uploading photos and some pedigrees, which we hope to leave tomorrow solved, We are very sorry to go a little late, but as we have said, we need to work on this with fluency in handling the programs that my brother designed for these tasks. Still, we get to know his dealings at a good pace

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016

December 17, 2015

Next Auction - In Memory José Antonio Ruz

As we talked about, we are already preparing the new auction. Which with the unique intention of recovering the delay, we do it for the remaining 34 pigeons of the top 50 finalists, as long as this does not delay its onset further next Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Memorial José Antonio Ruz

In response to requests from friends, family and especially his daughter Fabi Sofia, 11 years old and Pigeon Fancier, we decided to call the next edition of the derby:  "Memorial Edition José Antonio Ruz" in tribute to him and his more than 40 years active fancier.
                 José Antonio, his daughter Sofia Fabiola and his great mexican friends

                                           during his visit to Mexico in 2013

December 9, 2015

We return to work, more united than ever

From today and more united than ever, we are working hard to catch up and see your dream come true. Ahead we have to contact with the buyers of pigeons of the first auction, with the participants who wish register their long distance pigeons, ride and perform the pending auctions and of course, resolve some minor outstanding amounts and this for before of Christmas, plus a etc, huge.

Thanks again for the love and patience that you have shown us these days

December 2, 2015

The Derby and the Life continue...

In truth the honor I must say that the days are harder than newly deceased, because every day and in every thing I do, I see that already he's not, nor he will be more. But in your honor, I will follow and we go to have against thick and thin in 2016 the best edition of all, this is sure, already that he will help us in this day to day, from where you are.
He was a great lover of the derby, so to despite suffering from cancer of the esophagus joined the stomach for 2 years, he worked daily in the derby with the same enthusiasm and desire that if it the had not had, the derby was his passion grand, until point that only it lacked the last 13 days ... You will understand that I can not continue more ...
But this week still we need to put the rest of their day affairs and also to know and fully understand their tasks in this its always derby. So, we begin to work the maximun in the next week.
Thanks again for your understanding