August 29, 2014

A untypical Derby 2014

Yes, with 40 years experience, we have suffered, like many other fanciers also, many hard flights, almost all know the reason for such a disaster, without the truth is taken into account (bad weather, high winds, flight crosses with Portuguese pigeons and on the ascending and descending air).

As you know, the race is called Derby Cordoba Ruta del Infierno (Route to Hell), for two reasons, the rugged topography and the high temperatures with abrupt weather changes.
Now it is 18° C and in three or four hours are 40° C and more.

The highest temperature we ever had for a race was 2005, with 450 km and 44º C. On the first day we got only two pigeons to home, but on the second day at 12 o´clock we had about 50% of the pigeons at home.

This year the racing season results in Andalusia were spectacular in the spring, but by the end of June, all the clubs had heavy flights.

We can only say that the pigeons receive our best care, attention, training and experience of 40 years, where we received many awards at regional, national and international level. We also learn new things every day with the pigeons and their health.

So even though this is not our year, we will continue, with the danger of losing many more pigeons. But if we have learned something from the pigeon sport that every year, every liberation and every place is different, but it goes on and on. Those which are remain constant are successful in pigeon racing.

We appreciate the feedback and suggestions we have received from many participants.

August 26, 2014

Consolación, 205 KM

My oldest daughter and I arrived to the liberation point at 6:30 a.m. The day started clean and sunny. From 7 a.m. to 8 o´clock the pigeons got water. When we liberated the pigeons are flown in a group at 19 ° C temperature. I was happy with the liberation.

At 11:15 a.m. I arrived at the Derby Cordoba loft, there waited Antonio Jimenez and my brother Jose. Almost half an hour later, the first four pigeons came from far up in the sky with head wind and the temperatures grow up higher and higher than expected up to 30 ° C. After 25 pigeons arrived, the pigeons came only very severally.

Although today the maximum temperature of 38 ° C have been exceeded by up to 3 ° C, and can not be compared with similar races and liberations at the same distance and temperatures for that result. To 21:00 clock the air was very hot.

The last three pigeons arrived as we were present, we have analyzed the pigeons by hand, and they had no signs of defects.

What happened?

The hot air was blowing towards the south (head wind), the pigeons were forced to rest, so that they arrive tomorrow in the morning freshness. But after this year, I dare not predict anything.

Well, I'm driving all night and tried to rest at noon, unfortunately I could not rest after this flight result. Tomorrow is a new day.

Congratulations to the three winners of today.

August 25, 2014

Pigeons with wounds from Guarromán

These are the pigeons that arrived wounded from Guarromán: 

135522, 135523, 145263, 188833, 188929, 204476, 572001, 601751, 23150768, 6120536, 73730070 and 80150601. They wont be basket for 205 KM. 

Record on wounds pigeons.

August 21, 2014

Pigeons that are free to register (new list)

Pigeons that are free to register (new list)

Registration fee total  90 € (70 € registration fee + 20 € transport)

If you are interested to register pigeons / sponsor, please send us an email to

These are the pigeons that are available for sponsorship,
but it seems that the German pigeons have been in a misunderstanding.

We, the organization, respect this and give the pigeons free after a deadline of 25. August 10 a.m..

Survivor - Oil fields


After years we receive pigeons of the races which are coated with oil from the oil fields. We have developed a cleaning system, which clean the pigeons very fast and they can continue to race.

The third pigeon arriving from flight Guarroman coated with oil

They go through a three-part cleaning process to get back a good plumage.

After drying, they are again fully fit to participate further in the competition.

The oil fields

Andalusia has many oil fields, we estimate for each area there is an oil field. While Cordoba and Jaen have far more than the rest of Andalusia.

The oil fields are a double-edged sword because on the one hand, the upper layer of water quenches the thirst of our beloved pigeons, while they fly several hours. On the other hand there are many who are caught in the mud and also can not rid of it, or swallow the oil.

The last 3 photos show the oil fields that exist near the Derby Cordoba.

August 18, 2014

August 12, 2014

Prize money Fuego and Pigeons free to register

The prizes are calculated on the registered pigeons. Pigeons that are not paid, can now be register until 18.08.204. This can again increase the prize money.

If you are interested to register pigeons / sponsor, please send us an email to

August 6, 2014

Restart the training tosses - Race Plan 2014 updated

We return to the races, the race plan has been updatet (see Race Plan 2014), tomorrow we start with the liberation Laguna Zonar III.

After the 5 days cure treatment, today the pigeons get clean water, tomorrow they get electrlytes and Entrobac, the next days they get into the water Gervit-W and feed alternately with Pavifac with Entrobac and Avimycin.

We do this to prepare the pigeons for the mountain range Sierra Morena, there are also high temperatures.

August 3, 2014

Judge for yourself

Physical state of pigeon that returning on 02/08, of 28 km. to late 15 days 

Physical state of the pigeons that returning today 03/08 de Espejo, to late 12 days
and of Casa Tejada to late 5 days 

All pigeons that  coming, enter these same conditions, with clean breasts and rosy, without further weight loss. Come as if your had not missed.

Awards won by Brs Ruz & Robert Fuhr - Campaign 2014

The flights that we detailed can be scoring for the National championship, Regional or both. 
(N)  = National 
(R)  = Regional and 
(N-R)= Both 

POINT OF RELEASE                 CPTO.      KM.    RANK OBTAINED 
MORA I(N)2601,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,,,
MORA II(R)2601,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,,,
NAMROCA I - Pichones(R)2801,2,3,4,5,6,,8,10,12,,,,
NAMROCA I - Adultas(R)2801,2,9,10,11,12,14,,,
NAMROCA II - Pichones(R)2801,2,3,4,5,6,14,,,
NAMROCA II - Adultas(R)2801,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,,,
SORIA I(R)5201,5,8,15,,,
SORIA II(R)5201,2,5,6,9,12,,,
*SAINTES - Especial L. D.PROV.10121,2,4,6,9,10,12,14,15,,,

* For years, the province of Córdoba fly solo the flight special long distance, over 1,000 kms. 
In the past the Regional Federation held this loose 3 consecutive years,  the broders Ruz were the only fanciers who rose to podiún on the 3 occasions. 
1999 - 3 th ranked 
2000 - 1 th ranked 
2001 - 2 th ranked 

AS PALOMA VELOC - M FONDO1º Y 6º7.308 pigeons
AS PALOMA VELOC - M FONDO (Yerling)3.296 pigeons

August 1, 2014

Decisions because of the last 2 training tosses

Since the start of the year Röhnfried is an Official Sponsor of the Derby Cordoba.
In the following, the pigeons receive the following additives in the food and potions:

In the feed:
2 days Pavifac (brewer's yeast)
2 days Avimycin (airways)
2 days Entrobac (intestinal flora)
1 days Moor Gold & Topfit (Moor and Vitaminral powder)
The mixtures were made ​​alternating olive oil and Gervit-W (Vit C..)

In the water:
3 days Avidress Plus (prevents the transfer of germs by water)
3 days Avistetin (prevents the transmission of bacteria of the water and also in the gut)
1 days Blitzform (mineral supplement iodine)
  • Except for the basketing there is pure water and electrolytes after the flight.

All products are based on natural ingredients.

Before we start with the training, we treatment all pigeons in the loft 6 days with Gambakokzid-Ro (Trichomonas).

The pigeons must fly in the morning an hour. Mostly they flew much longer, all signs of good health.

At 18:00 clock today we received the result of our veterinarian. In all cultures created nothing was found. Because all pigeons were vaccinated, they formed antibody, which is very positive and normal.

Everything that happens on the last 2 tosses is not due to the health of the pigeons.

The article by Carlos Marques.

"The bad in the head on the first tosses

Some fanciers have lost on the first training tosses many pigeons. They have not taken the problem seriously enough. If pigeons are basket, especially cocks, they peck each other in the basket. This results in injuries to the eye and head. It is known that many diseases starts with the eye. Well, this seems to be normal. Motivated by the hack attacks, they give bacteria that prevents the orientation of the pigeons. This is the cause of large losses, particularly in fast winds. 
From my experience, it is now useful now to start a course of treatment.
LINCO SPECTIN treatment: 
  • Injection: 0.20 milliliters per pigeon
  • In the water: 5 days.
In addition you can give RONIDAZOLE for a cure.
Once the treatment is completed after 5 days, you can continue to proceed with the training. 
This is a guarantee that the orientation is improved significantly, which previously represented the main cause of the failure of the training."

After we have read this article carefully, we do not know exactly what kind of bacteria hinders the orientation. Carlos Marques talks about his experiences.

Does that mean for us that we continue as before? No!

The participant Werner Waldow of Team Germany wrote us an e-mail with a good tip. To start train the pigeons over a short distance between 5-10 km, so the pigeons reduce stress and regain their trust. We think this can be very successful, thanks to Werner Waldow for his cooperation and interest in the pigeons.

After the analysis, where we checked every option, we have made the following decisions:

  • To make a treatment how Carlos Marques wrote it in his article.
  • Apply the proposal by Werner Waldow, the pigeons are trained over a short distance 5-10 km after the treatment, so that the pigeons come back easily into the race.
  • Change in the race plan. This weekend we are going to change the race plan and adapt it to current circumstances.

We hope you understand our decisions.