December 23, 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year.

The team Derby Cordoba wants to wish you a Merry Christmas with your family and a Happy New Year.
Put yourself positive and achievable goals for the new year 2014.

November 13, 2013

Small mistake in the rules 2014

Since we have revised the Derby completely from the last year, unfortunately, one thing has perished or disappeared, the auction after the Race Diablo.
After the Race Diablo (Final 500 km) there will be of course an auction.

Here is an extract which has been updated in the rules 2014:

-The first 100 pigeons from the finale will be auctioned if the participant does not want to activate for 1000 km for the next year, with a 50% of sale proceeds to you.
-The positions 101-200 pigeons from the final, the owner can buy the pigeon back for 90 Euro if he does not want to activate.
-The 201 and the remaining pigeons, the owner can buy the pigeon back for 75 Euro if he does not want to activate.

-If no activation or buy back, the organization hold the rights what happen with the pigeons.


The subscriber rules 2014, on the website is now updated.

October 31, 2013

International PigeonMarket Kassel 2013 a success

This year was more going on than Kassel 2012.
Saturday it was really crowded, you can hardly came off the stand. Sunday, it was a bit quieter but still very full.

We have informed the visitors about our Derby and many have already pre-registered to the race.
The T-shirts were well received by the visitors.

On the stand were also Peter Haas, Werner Loos from Germany and Sergio Ferreira from the Netherlands, who organize the collection points in the countries and have actively supported us.

One or the other company was very interested to sponsor our Derby. But more when all the details are clarified.

The International pigeon market in 2013 is very difficult to put into words, you must have seen it live.

Now we need work on the pre-registrations.

Of course in the next day there will be also a video =)

Here are a few photos we took on Sunday, unfortunately it has failed to make more photos because it was to crowded.

October 21, 2013

Kassel we are coming

Tomorrow we are going to Kassel Germany for the international pigeon market. Thursday and Friday we will set up our stand. Saturday and Sunday we will inform the visitors about our Derby Cordoba and answer every questions.

We would be happy if you visit our stand in Kassel, we will welcome your warmly.

On our stand also are Carlos Teixeira from Portugal, Sergio Ferreira from the Netherlands, Peter Haas and Werner Loos from Germany.
They are managing the collection points in the above mentioned countries.

When you sign up for our Derby Cordoba in Kassel for the Race Fuego with 5 pigeons, you get a Derby Cordoba hat.
If you register 5 or more pigeons for the Race Infierno you get a Derby Cordoba t-shirt from us.
If you sign up 10 or more pigeons you get a hat and a t-shirt.

Rafael Ruz was for our Derby Cordoba T-shirt model, here are a few photos of the T-shirts:

October 8, 2013

The Final Race Weekend 2013

The final was a unique event. On Friday we visited the Mezquita in Cordoba. Saturday was all about the final race and in the evening some flamenco. Sunday and Monday we viewed pigeons and visited different mountains of Andalusia.

You have to experience this weekend live with pigeons and culture. It's hard to put into words and pictures.It was a very eventful weekend, and unfortunately not found time to update the website.

Thank you to all participants, all the visitors to the final and you.

 Photos and videos from the Final Race weekend

The first pigeon of the final race and also first ace pigeon:
Winner of the first final pigeon and 1. ace pigeon

On friday a trip to the Mezquita Cordoba:

Sunday and monday a trip to the mountains with a beautiful church on the top:

Liberation video from the final race 485 km:

Final Event 2013 Video:

A present from the Canaries fanciers for our Derby Cordoba:

Antonio Jimenez

Carlos Teixeira

Gold Pigeon Ring

In the night after the gala dinner

Jan Pearson

Manuel Mendoza

Paco Vercara

Tandem Sanchez Mendez y Jose Verdejo


October 5, 2013

Final 485 km LIVE on our website from your home

 For all who are at home, you can follow the final on our website LIVE.

The pigeons liberated on 8:15 am and the weather is good and clearly today from the liberation point until the loft.

 You can see the arrivals of the pigeons with our webcams.
Like all time also you can watch the race list with the arrivals with our Live-Racelist.

Today during the day, this entry will be continuously updated with photos from the event.
So it pays to stop by several times today on our website.

 Be there at the finale and that from home. You will not miss anything except the good food and tasty fresh beer.

Here our arrival Live-Racelist

Here our exterior loft view Webcam

 Live photos from the final:

Thursday and Friday before the final on Saturday

What happen the last days on Thursday and Friday?


On Thursday the first final visitors arrived and checked out how we basket the pigeons.
Here the video how we basking the pigeons for the final with visitors:


On Friday we went to the Mezquita-Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba.
Here some more information from wikipedia about it:

and in the night we went out with more visitors that just arrived to a nice dinner.

Here some photos of the Friday:
(Click on the photos to maximize)

October 4, 2013

Basking the pigeons for the final with some visitors

Last night we basket the pigeons and some final visitors have been already here, so they checked out how we bask the pigeons.
The pigeons in a good condition and today they start drove to the liberation point.

Here some photos:
(Click on the photo to maximize)
The men are the team Peña SAL Y RETAMA and Jan Pearson from the team TARRAWONGA.
She and Rafael have managed that Australian pigeons can be send to Spain.
The transport path is now free from Australia to Spain for pigeons.

Each pigeon is checked.

Joaquin and Jose basking the pigeons, Rafael reaches the pigeons out

Left the team TARRAWONGA from Australia and right the team Peña SAL Y RETAMA from the Canary Islands.