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Our competition, which takes place in the central route of Andalusia, is considered the hardest for its orography and climatology. It arises under the love of the carrier pigeons shared by the Ruz brothers, also dedicated to the breeding. Soon, these two neighbors of Puente Genil (Córdoba) discover that their land has magnificent conditions for the competitive flight of high-performance carrier pigeons, so they begin to take the first steps of this project that years later continues to grow.

We are in:

Puente Genil, the city that hosts the Derby, is an urban nucleus of the province of Córdoba with more than 30,000 inhabitants and a rich cultural heritage. Among the highlights, the archaeological site of Fuente Álamo, s.I. d.C., the bridge over the river Genil, of great importance in antiquity or the Castle of Anzur, of Arab origin.

Do not forget the gastronomic that Puente Genil offer, which undoubtedly becomes an attraction for visitors. The sweet quince, world famous, an excellent olive oil or, in general, the Cordovan wines, which in the international contest of Brussels 2014 get the Bacchus of Gold and Silver, as well as the Gold and Silver Medal, against 8000 wines with which they competed, have enriched the area even more.

Its main attraction is the excellent geographical location, center of Andalusia. And it is just 40 minutes from the Derby is Cordoba, a city that contains many great cultures and places to visit. Undoubtedly, the most emblematic monument is the Mosque of Cordoba, one of the most beautiful and unique buildings in the world, which houses 8 centuries of history.

How did the Cordoba Derby originate?

Cordoba is known worldwide for the high level of the line of pigeons of the Ruz brothers. However, there are few fans of this sport. Therefore, the Ruz brothers decided to create this derby with the main objective of encouraging the fans. In this sense, the national and international collaborators have been fundamental for its implementation and to open the borders of the derby, which every year gathers more participants from different points of the world geography. Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Holland, Kuwait, Mexico, Portugal or Romania are some of the countries that come together in this Derby.

Discover Cordoba during the Derby

The Mosque is just one of the many attractions of Cordoba, which also offers museums, fun horses with pure Spanish and Andalusian horses and, of course, the Derby.

Only an hour, beach and snow

Besides Cordoba, lovers of the beach and the sun, of the snow or both, have at their disposal from the Derby, just over 40 minutes, snow and paradisiacal beaches in which to relax and enjoy the pleasant temperatures that they keep it throughout the year. Beaches certified with the Q of Spanish Tourist Quality. In the same way, in the winter months it is possible to ski in the highest peaks of the Peninsula and enjoy the heritage that the Arab culture left in Andalusia.

Besides to enjoying the whole edition of the Derby, we offer you some unbeatable days during its final.

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