December 4, 2020

Lighting of the Eiffel Tower by Iluminaciones Ximénez in honor of the victims of Covid.

La Tour Eiffel, illuminated this year by the Ximénez company, from Puente Genil, our neighbors. An applause for such great work and tribute to all the victims of Covid-19.

It is the reopening of the lighting of the Eiffel Tower as a tribute that France offers to the victims of COVID-19. At one point a tear falls to the Tower ... The first sound of the video is the sound of the connected respirators. It is a succession of symbols. Images of the oxygenation monitors and their sound are seen. The siren and the tear for the death of the patients ... The clock represents time, the most valuable thing we have on our planet ... Finally, the lights that rise represent the souls of the victims who ascend to heaven!

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