March 31, 2015

Pigeon 100 and more

On Friday came the pigeon No. 100 from Onda, Castellón

Of Juan Barraganes Ortells

Pigeons received from Friday

March 26, 2015

Our condolences - The firsts in flight - Derby Corabia

We give our condolences to all the families and friends of all passengers in the Airbus 320, which unfortunately had a terrible accident during their travel Barcelona - Düsseldorf.

They rest in peace

The firsts in flying

When your pigeons arrive, the first is vaccinate them (unless having bring vaccination certificate) are then recorded and then go to our new quarantine center, where a minimum of 10 days are there. Finished this period them come in contact with other pigeons and in 4 or 5 days begin to flying.

Here the firsts in flying, them flying and flying all they want in the scheduled time schedule.

Derby Corabia us visit

In Kassel I met to Florin, director and organizer from Derby Corabia, Florin is a friendly, hardworking and good-natured person, so we quickly us do good friends.

We talked a lot about our derbies and other Spanish derbies... and we organized an exchange of pigeons for this year, what has been compliment, now us need to return the visit, if possible in the final to collect the first prize, lol ...

March 21, 2015

Villacañas II suspended - List of participants

Due to bad weather of today and that forecast for tomorrow is of worsening, we have decided to suspend the basketing and logically the flight.

Thank You
the Organization

List of participants

We appreciate the calls we are receiving about why not we climb the list of participants, it is because there is not yet any participant who meets the conditions outlined in the foundation, which is also normal due to the short time they carry their pigeons here.

There are currently 69 pigeons here in pre-registration and more than 300 confirmed bookings.

March 4, 2015

Training toss La Carolina 150 km - List 1000 km updated

The training toss from La Carolina 150 Km went very well, also a pigeon came back from a previous training toss. The pigeons came back to the loft very good.

The list of registered pigeons for the long distance of 1000 kilometers will now be updated with all the proper registrations.

Video: Cardeña 102 Km