January 29, 2015

The start of practice for the 1000 Km

This year, 75 yearling pigeons participate in the long distance program of 1000 km, in June, in the heart of Andalusia. Yesterday, the pigeons completed the first kilometer training of 10 Km.

The health of the pigeons is excellent, as last year.

Hopefully we have this year a lucky time as last year, when more than 45% of the pigeons had returned from the long distance race of 1000 km.

January 28, 2015

Raceplan Long Distance 2015

Place Province Basketing Liberation Km Modus
LAGUNA ZOÑAR AGUILAR 25-01-15 26-01-15 10 Training
MONTEMAYOR CORDOBA 27-01-15 28-01-15 25 Training
SANTACRUZ CORDOBA 01-02-15 02-02-15 40 Training
SALIDA 383 EST. SERV. CORDOBA 08-02-15 09-02-15 60 Training
MONTORO CORDOBA 14-02-15 15-02-15 85 Training
CARDEÑA CORDOBA 21-02-15 22-02-15 102 Training
LA CAROLINA JAEN 28-02-15 01-03-15 150 Training
CONSOLACION CIUDAD REAL 07-03-15 08-03-15 205 Training
VILLACAÑAS TOLEDO 14-03-15 15-03-15 275 Training
VILLACAÑAS TOLEDO 21-03-15 22-03-15 275 Training
NAMBROCA I TOLEDO 28-03-15 29-03-15 277 Training
TORRELODONES MADRID 18-04-15 19-04-15 365 Training
LA CAROLINA JAEN 16-05-15 17-05-15 150 Training
SAINTES FRANCE 09-06-15 13-06-15 1015 FINAL

January 16, 2015

Preparations, ready, fir... We open - The history at your fingertips

All set for the receipt of your pigeons that will be from 01 February to 10 May.

The history at your fingertips.
We're not crazy and you not have misunderstood:

From children we dreamed that someday, Córdoba, would be in worldwide known for his hobby to pigeons races, and thank God, it is.

This 2015 edition is our 40th edition as active fanciers,
there are many achievements and successes we have achieved over these years at all levels and at all distances (provincial, regional, national and even international), but for us the most important are of the long distance, national record in 2002 with 1,218 km and national record in 2011 with 1,325 km.

Our flying club are called Club Pigeon Objective 1400, by that and because we want to rename, we will try to beat the 1,400 km, and that, already has a date, will be in 2017.

If you want to participate in this great and historic event, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to: rafael@derbycordoba.com or to: objetivo1400@yahoo.es and with pleasure inform you.