April 27, 2013

Collection pigeons in Portugal

Tuesday morning we set off to collect youngsters in Portugal.
Wednesday night we came back from Portugal. 
We met nice fanciers, but unfortunately no made ​​a lot of photos. 

Here are a couple photos. 
Jorge Almeida Santos and Rafael Ruz

Ulisses Zacarias Terra and Rafael Ruz

On 1 May, we take the youngsters in Europe on the collection points.

All pigeons are healthy and fine in our Derby Cordoba loft.

April 19, 2013

Video: Arrival of the pigeons from Germany, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland

Have fun watching the video, your pigeons are in good hands.

The list of participants is also updated, and some parts in English for understand =) 
On the right of the sidebar, the list of participants, sorted by rings and by participants

We would like to once again remind you that we at first May pick up pigeons from the collection points, if you are interested to participate in the Derby Cordoba, or want to send more pigeons, please contact us or the nearest collection point

Best regards

April 17, 2013

Collected pigeon from Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland

We had a long travel, but now the pigeons from Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland are in the derby loft.

The pigeons will be now vaccinated against Paramoxy again. They are all very healthy. They had no hunger or thirst as they came into the derby loft, they probably had a pleasant journey =)

Due to the bad weather, many breeders have paired up late and the young birds weren't ready. So we come again on 1. May to pick up some more pigeons.

This is the last chance to sign and send pigeons to the derby. If you would like to sign, please contact someone from the collection point list. They will help you to sign and to send pigeons to the collection point.

A video how the pigeons entered the loft will be published in the next days.

1-2 Days and the participation list will be updated.

Rafael Ruz & Sibille Thierry

Rafael Ruz & Yves Van De Poel

Nigel Ledder & Rafeal Ruz

Rafael Ruz and Peter Haas loading the pigeons for the Derby Cordoba

Peter Haas & Rafael Ruz (6 in the morning)

Yves Van De Poel and Rafael Ruz loading the pigeons for the Derby Cordoba

Rafael Ruz

Rafael Ruz looks at every stop on the trip, if the pigeons are well.

Arrival in Spain

The youngsters from Central Europe in the loft of Derby Cordoba

The pigeons slowly leave the box and look around the loft of Derby Cordoba