August 27, 2015

Videos of the first 5 Training Tosses

1. Training Toss 5 Km

2. Training Toss 8 Km

3. Training Toss 12 Km

4. Training Toss 24 Km

5. Training Toss 35 Km

August 20, 2015

Of 35 km to 55 km

The last flight from Espejo 35 km, of again returned to be the usual and it faded the ghost of the previous edition, but seeing how they are solving in its most part the international derbys that we continue, we will continue playing the wooden, flight by flight

Tomorrow we will know result from Casa Tejada High 55 km, which, if given again as is traditional, will have an acceptable results.

But this will not know until tomorrow.

August 15, 2015

Flight from Espejo 35 km

Good morning, we are in Espejo, in this time the day is clean, with a sunny and cool morning.
To the 08:00 a.m. we let go pigeons.

Good luck everyone

August 13, 2015

We basketing for 35 km

In this times we begin with the works of basketing, the weather forecast for tomorrow is good, so that normal that everything goes well and also my feelings are positive.
But this, we will know only tomorrow.

3 Pigeons in recovery: 68925481-DV, 137018-ESP and 791373-KWT

August 8, 2015

A hellish day

Córdoba like other Andalusian provinces, we have lived today a day of hell, even now 21:30 h. the heat and humidity are very high and if you join to this the haze all day, we get a typical day of Route Hell.
We hope that the tomorrow of morning will be fruitful and even Receive 50% of the missing right now.

Luck for all.

Photo to 21:30 h.

August 2, 2015

Lists, lists, lists...

Today we have replaced the defective chips at the youngsters.

In the new list of participants 6 new youngsters are thus added, thus we have a stock of 459 pigeons now and not 453.

43 pigeons were lost or unfortunately died (34 lost and 9 deceased) of 502 entered pigeons. An inventory of the 43 pigeons will be released in the coming days.

The list of prizes will be final in a few days published for the Derby Cordoba race 2015th.