July 31, 2014

Stop of the basketing today

After the last 2 training toss, we know we did not get the best results of it, even if the last toss was better.  

At the moment we do not know what happen and lead us to that kind of results, because the pigeons are healthy.

But to completely exclude any diseases, we gave our vet different samples of the pigeons to review.
Till we get a result of the vet we decide to stop the races.

There is an article by Carlos Marques, who speaks of an similar case. The pigeons look healthy and strong, but come bad to home, although with the best weather. He speaks about a bacteria and viruses which have a direct impact on the sense of the homecoming sense.

The article will be published here tomorrow.

We are sure to have made the right decision.

July 30, 2014

8th Training Toss 55 KM with the new Benzing system

Last week from 22/07/2014 to 24/07/2014 we changed the old clock system to a new one from Benzing with Thomas Zimmermann. We have already reported several times about it.

It was the first official training toss yesterday with the new system of Benzing. There were a few technical problems with the new software, PC, Internert and the website and it took some time to removed. That's why we could start only at 13:00 clock to put the lists online.

We created 3 videos of the clock system change for you:
-Instalation Benzing system
-Test liberation to check the new Benzing system clocks
-Conclusion after the test liberation for the Benzing system

The last video is from the Training toss 55 KM.

(All video has subtitles in English, Deutsch and Español.)


Instalation Benzing system:

Test liberation to check the new Benzing system clocks:

Conclusion after the test liberation for the Benzing system:

8th Training Toss 55 KM Casa Tejada Alta:

July 26, 2014

Clarity about the training toss Espejo 35 KM

Now that we have ringed all pigeons to Benzing rings, we can finally provide clarity about the Espejo 35 KM training toss. There are still 10 or more pigeons arrive today that not yet listed in the list.

What happened on the training toss, we do not know. The weather was good, the pigeons in a great shape.
They came in small groups and then pulled away again out of sight, which means they are fit.

The indoor cameras have been damaged during the install of the Benzing system, at the moment only the outside camera work properly. We are working on it to fix the error.

On Monday we will basking the pigeons for Casa Tejada Alta 55 KM and all pigeons will fly with the new Benzing chips.

7th Training Toss 35 KM Espejo 22.07.2014 / 7:30 a.m.:

July 24, 2014

Test of the new Benzing system

 We changed already 298 elektronic rings to the new Benzing system.

We do now a second test race "Test 2".

This test race, you can now watch it here live.

The website will be tomorrow updated.

July 23, 2014

35 km Training Toss and Benzing

On Monday the 15th July we reported that we will switch to Benzing.

Yesterday we started with the conversion from the old to the new clock system of Benzing.

Because of this, many pigeons from the training toss of Espejo 35 Km have not been read by the clock because it was removed.

The training toss was not running optimally. The pigeons came from the wrong side and in many small groups. Pigeons that came late was in a very good form.

We are now starting to to couple the pigeons from the old rings to the new rings and then we test that the new system works properly. 

It will be also more comfortable to check your pigeons with the new list and there will be many more statistics details.

We are very pleased that we the Derby Cordoba racing in the future with Benzing the pigeons.

In the next days we will release some videos of the training toss, the visit of Thomas Zimmermann, the installation and much more.

July 21, 2014

Videos and training events

5th Training Toss 10 km 15.07.2014:

6th Training Toss 28 KM 18.07.2014:

Racing Pigeons taking a bath after 28 KM 18.07.2014:

Pigeons get now after every race a bath

Training events:

The pigeons train daily very good, they must fly at least 1 hour in the morning, but actually almost all fly continuously for 2 hours

Unfortunately, there was on the last training toss a few unpleasant events.

We have 4 injured pigeons and a dead one.
The injured pigeons will not fly on the next training toss.
The dead pigeon 73730339-14-DV we found today, she got away with his last strength from bird of prey and also managed to get back home, but unfortunately she died...

July 18, 2014

First Live Training List

Today on 18/07/2014 at 7:15 as planned, we have liberated the pigeons with the live training list for the first time. Here in Puente Genil we had a power failure. The clock, however, is connected to an external car battery. Once power is restored here, the list will be posted online. On the training tosses the system is tested.

Since many pigeons come at once, all the pigeons can not be read by the Bricon system. On Tuesday and Wednesday we install a new system from Benzing. Thus, all pigeons also in a short race are recorded by the system.

We apologize for this, sorry

July 14, 2014

Visits and training tosses

From Monday 07/07/2014 to Tuesday Thomas Zimmermann, Managing Director of the company Benzing was our guest. He looked at the pigeons and the loft conditioning. We also discussed about a collaboration between the Derby Cordoba and Benzing.

We will change the electronic registration system for the pigeons to Benzing in the next 2-3 wees, before the first prize races starts.

20 pigeons per second will be registrar, this is a guarantee of Mr. Zimmermann himself.
Furthermore it will enable us new functions for us and the participants.

From Thursday 07/10/2014 to Friday 11/07/2014 visited us Jassim Al Kulaib from Kuwait. With him we are working about to can import pigeons from Kuwait to Spain next year. We estimate around 150 to 200 pigeons for 2015.

Training tosses

We was missing when inserting the first time 71 pigeons.

The pigeons were ringed electronically while inserting the first time.

We ringed 684 pigeons electronically.

The basking list from the first basketing, (click here).

List of the missing pigeons from the first basketing (click here).


Disabled persons Organisation DISGENIL helping to liberate the pigeons for the first time (04.07.2014):

2nd Training 3 km Racing Pigeons Derby Cordoba 08.07.2014:

Racing Pigeons arriving from the first kilometers 2014, 3 Km (08.07.2014):

3rd Training 5 km Racing Pigeons Derby Cordoba 10.07.2014:


The final prize money list will be published at the end of the month. Pigeons, which are not paid until 28th July, do not take a part in the race.

July 12, 2014

Organization DISGENIL and the first liberation 2014

 On 4th July, the disabled organization DISGENIL, has visited us. They helped us to liberate the pigeons for the first time on the loft. This was even though only 0 km, a special liberation. We were pleased about the euphoria of the disabled persons with the pigeons.

DISGENIL also would like to thank the three participants;

Kevin and Jan Pearson from Australia,
Hans-Jürgen Thielen from Germany
and Parra Negra from the Canary Islands,

for the registration of three teams each with 7 pigeons for DISGENIL.

A Video of the visit of the organization DISGENIL will be published in the next few days.
They had some pigeons from their teams in the hand and they had so much fun with it, especially the liberation.


The final prize money list will be published at the end of the month. Pigeons, which are not paid until 28th July, do not take a part in the race.

July 5, 2014

First basketing

The pigeons were basketed at night on 2nd. July for the first time. The pigeons ate and drank twice a day in the baskets. The basketing is not only to learn the pigeons eating and drinking in the baskets, also it is about to lose the fear of the baskets and the basketing progress. They learn the baskets in a familiar environment, near the loft.

In the next few days, the pigeons get electronic chips and then we will publish a current list of pigeons, also the prize money list will published on the registered paid pigeons.

Photos from the first basketing:

July 4, 2014

Awards ceremony finale long distance 1000 km

 1º  Jassim Al Kulaib - KATAR - 42007-13 - C,  860 €35%

2º  Sergio Ferreira - HOLLAND - 1117551-13 - H, 440 €18%

3º  Coyfran - SPANIEN - 57054-13 - C, 220 € - 9% -

4º  Team Tarrawonga - AUSTRALIEN - 1823-12 - C, 170 €7%

5º Peña Sal y Retama - SPANIEN - 14053-13 - C, 150 € - 6% 

6º Miguel Valido Frade - SPANIEN - 3494-13 - C, 122 € - 5%

7º Benito Pedraja Fraile - SPANIEN - 105481-13 - C, 122 € - 5%

8º Garreck Sparty - DEUTSCHLAND - 7373044-13 - H, 122 € - 5%

9º Abdulaziz Al Kandary - SPANIEN - 142992-13 - H, 122 € - 5% 

10º Fco. Javier Sánchez Galiano - SPANIEN - 294507-13 - H, 122 € - 5%

Prize money total of € 2450 (49 registered pigeons x 50 €)

These 10 pigeons go back to the owner / participant, and even the pigeons arrive in the first 15 days.