July 21, 2014

Videos and training events

5th Training Toss 10 km 15.07.2014:

6th Training Toss 28 KM 18.07.2014:

Racing Pigeons taking a bath after 28 KM 18.07.2014:

Pigeons get now after every race a bath

Training events:

The pigeons train daily very good, they must fly at least 1 hour in the morning, but actually almost all fly continuously for 2 hours

Unfortunately, there was on the last training toss a few unpleasant events.

We have 4 injured pigeons and a dead one.
The injured pigeons will not fly on the next training toss.
The dead pigeon 73730339-14-DV we found today, she got away with his last strength from bird of prey and also managed to get back home, but unfortunately she died...

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