August 28, 2013

Mild temperatures and the television

Mild temperatures 

The summer is soon over and we near us lower temperatures at least for south Spain. The weather forecast shows that till 9. September it wont go higher than 33º C, and the average temperatures are between 28º C and 32º C.

We have almost reached 92% on the 200 km race with a temperature of 42º C, even if the weather is going to more mild, we continue to train the pigeons hard every day, because we want to keep the lose of pigeons as low as possible, and also we want them in top form.

Here is a video about the daily training from today, the pigeons flown perfectly one hour from 10 to 11 a.m. with a temperature of 22º C:

The TV-Channel TVE and the documentation

Also the television will be present at the next race Tembleque, 280 Km. The television channel TVE in Spain working together with the Pigeon Association on a pigeon documentation. The association has recommended our derby, because of our videos and the good leading of pigeons. More about that in the next week. 

August 21, 2013

The 200 km are done and that with 41º C

Yesterday we reached more than 41º C making it the hottest day of this summer so far.

Our own record of arrivals in 2011 with 89,10% of pigeons we have already broken it. We have now 89,13% at the moment.  To better compare this race with 2011 we should wait few days more.
We think in 3-4 days we will reach the 91%.

In front of us three more exciting races:
280 km, with a record of 90,35% in 2011.
402 km, with a record of 86,39% also in 2011.
525 km the final, this distance will be the first time this year.

Here the video from the 3. Race with 200 km:

We didn't post the live-stream, because it often doesn't work. However, we have on every liberation the live-stream on and this time it worked. We just hope that it work properly on the next races as yesterday.
Here the live-stream repetition:

August 19, 2013

Fernáncaballero 200 km will be a challenging flight

On Friday and today we have trained the pigeons with the flag from 7:45 a.m. to 8:35 a.m., they moved far away and flown very high, a good sign.

On Thursday, Saturday and Sunday until 12:00 o´clock was officially hunting season in Spain. We have trained the pigeons from 13:00 o´clock for 15 minutes, but without flag, to force them on 34 ° C is not recommended. In the evening we have trained them from 20:30 p.m. to 21:30 p.m. in 2 rounds with a break of 15 minutes,20 minutes once and other 25 minutes flight time.

The pigeons are all well prepared for tomorrow, even those who do not come for some reason back on the same day. They are not only in great condition, they are also perfectly supplied with water and moisture, and the airways are open and free.

Tomorrow when the pigeons are liberated, they must first pass through a mountain range.

The best record in arrivals on the first day of this flight was 2011 with 77.43%, with a maximum temperature of 40 ° C and a total of 89.10% of pigeons that came home. - 2010 (63'08% first day) and 2012 (the first day of 66'80% / 83.41% Total)

August 16, 2013

Winner of Ace Youngster Training

Winner of "Ace Youngster Training" is the FLYING-PIGEONS-TEAM.DE with the pigeon 13-8923916-DV and a total flight time of 5:14:33 on the 5 training flights of Espejo II 35 km to Cardena II 102 km.

We, the team Derby Cordoba, congratulate for this success.

The full list of "Ace Youngster Training" can be viewed here:

We are very excited and how will be the next races.

August 14, 2013

Cardeña II, one of the warmest liberation till now

Yesterday we had the hottest liberation from all this year,  even though we have not reached the 39 ° C, only 38 ° C.
Also the night before the liberation was on the warmest, we have watered the pigeons on the liberation place but only 3 or 4 drank, that showing to us they wasn't thirsty and they are ready to race.

Here the video from Cardeña II 102 km:

August 9, 2013


When the pigeons are delivered, we treat them with ivermectin. This product is highly effective against external parasites, worms and air sac mites.

From 7 till 10 in the morning, we treated them again, maybe you followed it on our live webcams.

At the same time we also count the pigeons manually with a list of the ring-numbers. Now after all we can say that the clock count the pigeons correctly.
Trust is good, control is better=)

August 8, 2013

August 6, 2013

Missing 2 pigeons

The pigeons started slowly the training today, the first 15 minutes they flew near the loft and wanted to jump in, but then they lost their fear of yesterday and flew far away from the loft.

The clock has been on and we monitored the pigeons, after the last bird entered, we saw that we miss 2 pigeons from the yesterday´s attack.

The missing pigeons have the ring number 294192 and 294254.

August 5, 2013

Race: Cardeña I change by 1 day

This morning, after 45 minutes of training the pigeons around the loft, we got attakcs by 2 bird of prey, the pigeons were scared and scattered to everywhere. We quickly opened the loft for the pigeons to bring them to safe, after the largest group came in, small groups followed of 4-10 birds.
After we thought all pigeons are inside, another group of around 30 pigeons came and after 3 hours another squad of 15 or more...

At 20:00 p.m. we manually counted the pigeons and we think we aren't missing pigeons, maybe 1 or 2.

Although the pigeons are in a very good form, we decided to change the race by 1 day, because some pigeons flown 3 hours and more and are very dehydrated, they need a day of rest.
Also the pigeons must be 100% fit for the next races, because they wont be easy.

August 2, 2013

The heat wave and the 9. Trainingsflight video

The heat wave

Since yesterday a heat wave began and will stay until Tuesday with minimum temperatures of 20º C and maximum temperatures of 39º C daily, also the atmosphere heat up so the maximum temperature lasts longer daily.
This afternoon, while we changed the water of the drinking trough, it was hot like hell on the roof.

The next race (100 km) bring a maximum temperature of 39 º C and a minimum temperature of 22 º C with 18 km / h headwind. The race will be around 2 hours for the first groups but for the rest?!?!?
The 100 km race starts before a mountain range, so on the 200 km race they must fly over the mountains.

The next races will be exacting and exciting.

Be with us and don't miss nothing, you can follow everything here on our website.
With 24 hour live web-cameras you can see the arrive of the pigeons, with the liberation videos you can see the liberation, and with the live race list you are all time up to date what kind of pigeon is a head.

9. Trainingsflight video

August 1, 2013

9. Trainingflight Live-Stream and Pigeon Operation

9. Trainingflight Live-Stream

Tonight around 10 o´clock we start basking the pigeons for 55 km.

Tomorrow in the morning at 8:45 we liberated the pigeons and at 8:40 we start the live-stream.

Pigeon Operation

A few weeks ago we released a video of an injured racing pigeon that we operated.
Here you can read the news article again if you missed it:

About that operation exist a second operation, but we didn't released, because we had a lot to do with the website and to organize the first training races, so here is the video now.

(The videos have subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese and German, if it does not appear automatically check the options in the Youtube Flash Player.)

 And here again the first operation if you missed it: